P3250152We are delighted and happy. The kids look forward to each of their lessons. During the week they ask everyday is it my swimming day and they get so excited……Rebekah, Dudley Park.

I think you’re the water whisperer…..  you do work magic with the kids…..Leonie, Halls Head.

I am so proud, he has come so far in a few months.Thank you so much for not only teaching him but making him want to learn and do better…..Kirsten, Rockingham.

Thanks so much for such an awesome lesson yesterday – he was very anxious at first but by the time we got in the car he was raving about how great he felt and how much you’d taught him in one lesson. He even signed up for his swim carnival today (which is next week)  something he neeeeever wants to do….You’re an absolute natural when it comes to teaching kids and the water and now you’re stuck with us!!….Natassja, Singleton.

Would like to say how thankful we are to have you teaching our son.
He has improved so much and went up 3 levels at his school swimming!!…..Ants, Falcon.