4SwimSake is  runs a number of different programs:

Baby and Toddler Classes

Our programme for babies and toddlers includes introducing them to the water and teaching them safe practices around the pool. Parents are in the water with their child so they
can assist in their child’s learning and enjoy the experience each week.

Through the use of fun songs and toys, children are introduced to the various stages in accordance with the Royal Life Saving Infant Aquatics programme.  For more information visit the Baby and Toddler page.

Children Classes (Royal Life Saving Society Swim and Survive)

Our children’s Learn to Swim program is based on the Royal Life Saving Society (WA).

To quote the RLSS “The Swim & Survive program identifies 12 critical stages in a child’s
development. The lower stages focus on teaching efficient support and movement in the water while the higher stages include skill and knowledge in safety, survival and rescue”.

Children’s Swim Squads

We offer swim squads for those children who like working in groups, and are looking for more than just a lesson. Squads are limited to up to 5 kids, and the focus is on technique, race
skills and fitness.

Swimmers in our squads love the challenges that are set to improve their swimming.