About Jen

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English Channel 2010


Jen Hurley has over 20 years experience as a swimmer, and has been teaching and coaching for almost 5 years.

Jen has successful completed a number of marathon open water swims including five solo Rottnest crossings (2009-13) and a Solo English Channel crossing (England to France) in 2010.

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Rottnest Channel 2012

In 2013 Jen’s circumnavigation of Halls Head Island
(from Dawesville Cut up along the ocean side and down through the estuary, back to Dawesville Cut) was certified by the International Marathon Swimming Association as it was the first time it was swum.
Another interesting fact about Jen, is she has swum the ‘Triple Crown of Prison Swims’, including Rottnest, Alcatraz in San Francisco and Spike Island in Cork (Ireland).

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Halls Head Island 2013

Her passion for swimming is what inspired her to open 4SwimSake, helping others feel confident the water so that they continue ‘Spreading the Swimming Love’.